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Yoga and Exercises: Beat the heat of stress

The daily struggles along with stresses and strains, lead us all to this state of being in so called “stress”. Everything around, be it family and children, work or play, staying healthy or looking appealing, there are a million reasons to lead us to stress.

Many ways or remedies or coping techniques, have now been talked about. One of those, being an important and yet an easy way is to balance your way through exercises. These don’t necessarily have to involve stretching yourself through the limits or draining all your body fluids at the workstation. There are some easy ways to relieve your body of stress and stress signals. Yoga has time and again proven to be an effective technique for stress relief.

Exercises as de-stressors

Staying fit and being active is only the first step of taking back control of your mind along with the body. Each one of us have a different machinery that functions differently but the bottom line still remains to work on it as much as is required to maintain a striking balance.

“Yoga” is now gaining popularity for being a type of exercise, which was initially originated from India. It involves methods of relaxation and in combination with meditation it can be seen as one of the most promising ways of coping with stress. It is a well-established method of soothing your body and channelizing all its energy on relaxation and harmony. It is easy to practice and its results are good enough to last more than a few hours of the day. The more the importance of this yogic science is being understood, there have been many versions of it that have come up recently. “Power Yoga” is one such example, which is a more westernized form of it.

Aerobics is another popular style of exercise, which also works well with stress relief. It is basically a fast paced workout. It is a combination of some rhythmic aerobic exercises along with some strength building/training and stretching. These help the body to improve on the overall fitness, flexibility and strength, which in turn help the body to release endorphins. Such chemical changes also reflect in the overall mood and the state of mind by instilling a feeling of calm and happiness. In other words, it directly helps in relieving stress.

Exercise tips on yoga:

Though yoga in itself is not a very rough set of exercises, but if there is a paucity of time or to begin with, once can go ahead and start some basic moves and steps instead of the complete yoga sessions. Elementary steps like the breathing exercises form a solid foundation and a good first step in controlling anxiety.

The first step is to lie flat on your back and relax all the muscles of your body.

Next step is to place both your arms against your body, with your head straight up. You should then relax, and start breathing in and out. While your eyes are closed and body relaxed, these deep breaths would help you relax more. You can count till 10-20 cycles and the process helps in clearing your thoughts and pacifying your anxiety.

Next exercise is simple too but involves a bit of more activity. It can however be performed before or after the breathing exercises. For this, you would have to be facing down with your hands and knees supporting the weight of your body. Now you would have to lift your leg, one at a time and bring your knew towards your face and hold it there to a count of 10. Relax, and repeat it with the other leg. Continue to breath out while you bring in your knee.

Next you can extend your leg behind you and take a deep breath in. hold on to your leg in the outstretched position and also hold your breath to a count of 5. Repeat 5-10 times alternating for each leg.

These are some very basic exercises, which do not take much of a time and yet work wonders if included as a part of our regular schedule. Start slow, and work on your body. The more you take care of it, pamper it, the more relaxed and at peace you feel. Believe it or not, exercises are great tools and an easy path to a free and healthy mind.

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