Yoga for Skin: 6 Passages to a Glowing Skin


Yoga is an ancient form practiced to achieve a state of permanent well-being with physical, mental and spiritual practices. Yoga breaks the myth that just by taking care of physical well-being, one can become healthy; Mental and spiritual well-being is equally important. Yoga takes care of all three in equal measure.

 Skin reflects health and well-being. Both these conditions relate to the overall functioning of the bodily systems. The systems may face issues from time-to-time. But these is one sure-shot quick-fix—Yoga.

The 6 passages to glowing skin are underneath:


Yoga helps in natural detoxification of the body. It regulates the functioning of excretory system. Yoga increases blood circulation which increases natural detoxification rate of liver and kidneys. It helps in releasing toxins quickly. Skin being the main pathway for releasing toxins does it via sweat. Yoga speeds up the whole process.

 Fights stress

Stress affects sleep. Humans need at least 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. Lack of sleep leads to dull skin. It also speeds up the aging process; produces fine lines and wrinkles and play a part in inflammation and breakouts. Yoga helps to fight stress by relaxing the muscles. This eases out stress and assist in achieving flawless skin.

Improves skin condition

Yoga improves skin conditions by moving out toxins and increasing blood flow to the skin. Stress checks many health problems too like blood pressure, stress, depression, arthritis, diabetes and insomnia. Some postures like Child’s pose, Fish pose and shoulder stand enhances blood circulation to the face and brain.

Increases skin elasticity

The skin texture improves dramatically as you sweat while performing yoga. Sweat opens up the pores, releases toxins and natural oils. These oils make the skin soft and supple. Yoga targets the muscles and makes skin firm and tight. Skin elasticity also gets a thumbs-up as the muscles get strengthened and toned up. With good flow of blood, skin gets a natural face-lift.

Improves digestion

Improper digestion results in the form of zits. Yoga improves digestion and circulation. Better blood flow produces better transport of nutrition.

 Battles aging

Increased blood circulation implies fresh blood flow which in turn means increased oxygen to the skin cells; increased skin regeneration and fresh nutrients and antioxidants to fight free radicals (read aging factors). Concentrating on your breath and relaxing at regular intervals helps skin battle the negative effects of stress which come forth as ageing signs. Yoga helps in recovered aging signs like brown spots, fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles etc.

There are topical treatments available like skin brightening products loaded with light-reflecting pigments that give brighter, more radiant youthful looking skin. These skin lightening products lighten acne scarring or facial scars too. Some examples are Dermology skin brightener cream but there is nothing that can complement the long-lasting benefits of yoga.

Remember, yoga can only benefit a body if a healthy diet and lots of water is followed by regular exercise. So, make all these a necessary part of your life and have a flawless and glowing skin forever!

About the author:

Terrie Dawson is passionate in writing about different skin conditions and skin care. She loves to share her self-tested skincare tips and reviews on various skincare products with her readers through many skin care blogs.


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