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Your 5 minutes guide to Stress management

We all have many ways to verbally express how stressed we feel, I wont go into the various ways we say it, though it is a lot. But all said and done, it the nature of how we work and how we relax and do things in our free time that matter on what the kind and amount of stress we feel. Even when you are doing nothing and simply bored can lead you to be stressed.

Many problems are unavoidable (take your boss for example) and so are many events in our daily lifestyle. But the following are simple techniques to help you. Just remember to follow them in your routine life. They should be as much part of your life as brushing your teeth or taking a bath. You can do them in 5 minutes or you can take longer. But the bottom line is, these simple 5 minute daily programs are there to help you relieve the stress you keep carrying around. Remember, every minute counts.

Managing your time

Spending time doing things you love most will reduce your stress. Things like spending time with your family or friends, traveling, cooking and many other activities will lower your overall stress. But to do these activities, you need time, that is where effective time management comes into play. Good time management increases your throughput and efficiency. You performance will increase and so will your free time.

To improve your time management:

– Spend a decent amount of time planning your tasks. Delegating tasks and proper scheduling will make you more focused on completing your work.
– Keep records on your time. Plan and see what portion of your time you are dedicating to your office life and personal life.
– Do things that are important first. Prioritize based on various factors. Getting the important tasks first will leave you less stressed for later tasks.
– Learn to say No. Never over commit to various things and at the same time, do not Under commit as well.
– Use a daily planner to help with procrastination, keep short deadlines and make sure you achieve them. Plan time for leisure activities in your day as well.
– Never do something you do not like or not comfortable doing, examine your beliefs and measure what your life is like.

Build healthy coping strategies

You need coping strategies to help you get through happenings in your life. Building healthy coping strategies is one way to live stress free. First, it becomes important to know these strategies, one way you can know about yours is to measure one of the most stressful events in your life. These events could be anything, fired from a job, loss of a loved one etc. Identify what kind of reaction you had. Reactions like crying, drinking should be noted and observed. You should also remember what helped you get through them the most, was it the time off, was it your best friends shoulder, was it a vacation. Keep all these in mind or make a note in a journal. with all that information you would know what your unhealthy coping strategies were (like drinking, smoking ) and would know what your healthy ones were (like spending time with friends) and you should now learn how to covert your unhealthy coping strategies to healthy ones.


Some of your choices might effect your overall stress, these behavioral and lifestyle choices might not increase the level of stress, but they might inhibit the body from coping internally with stress.
There are various lifestyle changes you can bring about to change how much stress you feel constantly.

You should try to:

– Have a balance between work and personal life. Both are equally important. Manage your social obligations and personal needs better.
– Have set goals to your life, both personally and professionally. A sense of purpose in life is a necessity, do what you love best.
– Plan your sleep and get enough of it. Do not sleep too late, make sure you get at least 6-8 hours of proper sleep. If not you, your body needs rest.
– Eat healthy and eat a balanced diet. Do not over eat as well. Weight is a top contender for stress related problems.
– Try to get some exercise. A moderate workout would do wonders to your stress levels.
– Take notice of your alcohol consumption. Try and limit it.
– After all that has been said about smoking, people still do it. Don’t smoke.

Social support
We all need social support, it is one very important factor in determining how we experience stress. Social stress can be seen as a positive outlook to how our friends and family support us, and how well we are defined by the community we live in. Social support is the knowledge of knowing how well we are cared about by people surrounding us, how much we are loved and respected. Lot of research has been conducted on this, and it shows a direct correlation between social support and our physical and social well being.

Changing our way of thinking
Negative emotions and thoughts lead to stress. Whenever some event triggers these thoughts , you might experience anxiety, rage etc. These negative emotions lead to stress. Controlling your negative thoughts to events might pave your way to a stress free lifestyle.

– Remove negative thoughts and remove added stress.
– Anticipating something bad and wrongful interpretation of an event might lead to a lot of negative thoughts.
– Facing a situation, solve it quickly and see the best way out for you. Find a stressful situation, you should deal with it and let it go past you.
– Poor communication leads to stress as well, learn to put forward your ideas and notions in a way that the person listening doest feel put down or hurt. This form of communication will lead you to be less stressed, and socially more admirable.

Every one gets stressed. Writers like me giving you advise on how to get live stress free are stressed too. Everyone is affected, be it the Director of the company or the office boy, no one is spared. what we can do is learn techniques to avoid stress and help relieve the stress for situations which are unavoidable.

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